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Norihan Hashim, Kinetics

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look on our website for the full list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) We have included a few examples below:

  • Why can you ship gas quicker and easier than other suppliers? We have a global supply chain management system to anticipate the demands of the dynamic maritime market. We have years of experience shipping hazadous gases worldwide so we can process orders in the fastest possible way.
  • Are your cylinders suitable for portable gas detectors? Yes, most modern portable gas detectors are designed to monitor for multiple gases and we provide a full range of quad gases for this purpose. We also supply gas for fixed gas detectors.
  • How do i know your gases are the same quality as what I am currently buying? We have ISO9001:2008 and we supply some of the key OEM's in gas detection following extensive testing. We have 13 years experience and are a PRIME manufacturer of speciality gases to major oil and gas companies worldwide.

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